We haul personal canoes and kayaks (minimum length: 11 ft). It is the same price as our equipment on weekends, half price during the week. We will load and unload your equipment just south of the red dumpster (South West of office building). We do not haul personal tubes. Advance reservation required for private equipment. 

Any trip taken with Sugar Valley requires some extent of physical labor. Customers are responsible for carrying their equipment at the end of the trip to the loading zone. Sugar Valley staff does not carry equipment up the hill.



Sugar Creek has a "carry-in, carry-out" policy for trash. Trash bags available at the office, just ask for one. Dumpsters and recycling bins available at office.

 DO NOT LITTER. Fines of $500 or more for littering Sugar Creek.


No Styrofoam coolers or glass containers allowed on Sugar Creek.

No hard alcohol allowed.


No large coolers. All coolers must comfortably sit on your lap in the bus.

We limit alcohol to 4 cans per person so everyone stays safe and respectable on the creek.

No tolerance for profane language.

No inflatables of any kind are allowed to bring on trip. 

Coxford Covered Bridge is owned and maintained by the State of Indiana. It is a difficult incline that you need to be physically prepared for. All concerns about this public access point should be taken up with Indiana State Park management.


Turkey Run State Park and Shades State Park have outlawed swimming within its boundaries. 

Conservation Officers have been known to ticket those who are swimming within the State Parks.


Wear "creek" shoes


Do not take keys or valuables on trip. Lock everything in your vehicle and check your keys in at the office.


Dogs are welcome but please keep dogs on leash and observe all polite doggie etiquette. We charge dogs as an extra family member. No aggressive dogs. 

Pregnant women must be cleared by doctor with an approved note. 

Weight limit for canoe: 550 lbs

Weight limit for kayak: 250 lbs


Sugar Valley accepts cash, checks (must have contact info on it and drivers license number), or major credit/debit cards for payment of rental fees. Deposits must be paid in cash or a credit card physically held at office during trip. If card is physically left as deposit, rental fees must be paid with that same card.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: Children must be old enough to walk/run on their own when creek levels are normal. Older age restrictions are enforced when creek levels are high. Please call in advance or check our facebook page for current creek levels/restrictions. Children under 6 must always have one adult per child.


ALCOHOL: Limited amount of alcohol allowed on trips. Public intoxication and under-age drinking will not be permitted and laws will be enforced. We enforce a no tolerance policy with alcohol. Failure to comply with our policy with result in loss of deposit and loss of SV public transportation privileges. Sections of

Sugar Creek are subject to state park regulations.


Alcohol policy agreement must be signed by all participants.
Additional $50 deposit or credit card physically held at office required when taking alcohol on the trips. 
No profanity or rude behavior allowed.
We reserve the right to refuse service.
Do not trespass onto private property.
Be courteous and respectful to others.
Be responsible for your equipment.
Be knowledgeable of your trip pick-up location and times.

4 drinks per person.

No hard alcohol.

No glass bottles.

No Styrofoam. 

No inflatables.

No alcohol allowed on the 3 p.m. Tubing Trip.  No alcohol allowed on the 4 p.m. Canoe and Kayak Trip. 

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be called in 5 days before date for deposit return. We run Rain or Shine. Cancelled trips due to high water. Trips are not charged in advance. 

DEPOSIT REQUIRED: Additional deposit ($20 minimum or $5 per canoe/kayak) required. Lost deposit and additional fees charged for missing your pick-up time. Lost deposit and additional fees charged for lost, destroyed, abandoned or lodged equip. An additional $50 cash deposit or credit card physically help at office if taking alcohol. If card is physically left as deposit, rental fees must be paid with that same card.

Deposit Return Policy:

1. Dock at designated bridge within time limit.

2. Empty paddles, preservers, & misc. out of boat/tube.

3. Carry ALL equipment to top of steps at pick-up bridge.

4. Present form to SV staff for initial.

5. Carry preservers to storage area.

6. Present initialed form at office for deposit return.

ARRIVAL: Sugar Valley is on Eastern Standard time. One hour before Illinois. Please be signed up 45 minutes before your departure time to allow time for registration, instructions, and other preparations. Buses leave on time. Be aware that if you miss your bus, there's a chance you will not get on the trip you want. At times, weekend trips can book many days in advance.