Canoe, Kayak, & Tube

By Phone:


Online BEFORE 7 days prior to trip
* Confirmation is required to validate reservation. Must be received 7 days before trip date.


For weekends, we suggest making reservations 2 weeks ahead.


Save time on arrival and print the liability waiver.


Reservation Info: 10 or more canoes/kayaks are "held" by credit card. If you've made an online reservation for one of those trips, please call in your credit card info after you receive a confirmation. If you fail to show up, are late for your reserved trip, or do not cancel before 5 days prior of your trip date, your card will be charged a fee of $5 per canoe or kayak. Rental fees are due upon arrival and may be paid by check, credit card or cash. 

Deposit Info: In addition to the rental fee, you will pay a deposit upon arrival. Deposits are paid in cash upon arrival; $20 minimum or $5 per canoe or kayak for groups. You can also physically leave a credit card for your deposit instead of paying cash.  Credit card deposits are not run unless you break the rental agreement you sign; such as lost equipment or arriving late for pick up. Deposits are returned at the end of trip if and when equipment is returned per rental agreement.  If you or anyone in your party is taking alcohol, you will have to sign an alcohol agreement and leave an extra $50 cash deposit OR physically leave a credit card as your deposit. If a credit card is physically left as the deposit, payment for rental must be made with the same card. This helps individuals and groups to be responsible and respectful of others while drinking. Full deposits are returned as long as the rental and alcohol agreements are not broken by anyone is your group.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation of trip or any reduction in number of equipment reserved must be called in or e-mailed at least 5 days prior to your trip. If you do not sign up 45 min prior to trip, your reservation will be cancelled. We run rain or shine. There is no charge if we cancel your trip due to high water.

We are on Eastern Time Zone.

Important: SIGN UP 45 minutes before departure time!

Reservation and deposit may be lost if you are not registered 45 minutes before your departure time. Be Late and Be Left!